"Stimulating minds through artistic expression."



Necessary Arts, employing an extensive and comprehensive program in the arts, will empower participants to realize their full potential with a great measure of success and so become confident, productive and innovative contributors to our global society.


We offer training and workshops for young actors and performers, volunteer teachers and co-orperate team building.

Reach the Unreachable

We build bridges to connect children from all ends of the socio-economic spectrum in an effort to demonstrate the importance of being a global citizen.

Education Fund

We are committed to sustaining access to quality secondary education for all our outreach participants.

Exciting news! Necessary Outreach is currently "Helping a Friend" in Turkey. Click here to learn more about our Turkey program.


"This inspiring Duabi teacher is using drama to help kids all over the world."


YAHWEH Foundation

Tobago July 2017

Literacy Development and Arts Program



New World Academy

Gaziantep, Turkey July 2017

Literacy Development and Arts Program




Grand Rivière Anglican Primary School

Trinidad July 2017

Literacy Development and Arts Program




Teaching Teachers for Humanity - 2017




Reach the Unreachable - Help a Friend



"Stimulating minds through artistic expression."