Ms. Keitha “Naima” Thompson is a leading expert in the field of Dramatic Arts Education. She was born and raised in Trinidad & Tobago and studied in the USA where she obtained her B.A. in Communication Arts and her M.Ed. in Education.


After receiving her degrees and developing her work experience in NY, Naima returned home to work with at-risk youth in her own country. There, she founded the NGO Necessary Arts School, and subsequently offered workshops in the performing and visual arts “to stimulate minds through artistic expression”

While running her NGO, Naima also worked at the International School of Port of Spain (ISPS), ASD in Qatar, SPIA in China, and now at GEMS Dubai American Academy in the United Arab Emirates. Since moving to Dubai, Naima has registered a branch of Necessary Arts School in Dubai’s International Humanitarian City.


Naima continues to make an impact worldwide by using her educational and dramatic art skills within multicultural and multilingual student populations. She is eager to always use her talents for the better of humanity.


Contact me

Tele-971 (0)56 265 9348

Board of Directors

NAS has three directors on its board :

Naima Thompson

Lydia Ledgerwood

Penelope Spencer



"Stimulating minds through artistic expression."