Kenya Program

Kenya Program




Necessary Arts began its outreach work in April 2014 through the Reach the Unreacheachable project in Kenya. This program provides a unique opportunity for students to develop and enhance their literacy skills through an artistic approach to learning. We have built relationships with several institutions and continue to reach our participants every year.


The artistic process and product of this project connects student voices, while increasing self-esteem, character development, leadership, and English literacy. Strong, critical thinkers, and innovators are born, which ultimately results in positive contributors to society.




Project Information


The Reach the Unreachable program brings teacher volunteers and participants together during the school vacation periods, to exchange talents and to support development.


One of the objectives with this program is to foster global citizenship among today's youth from both multicultural and homogeneos backgrounds. Raising the social conscioness of our participants leads to a strong sense of global citizenship.


Our Education Fund was established in 2016 to ensure quality secondary education to all secondary school age students who are a part of our programs.



Our program beneficiaries include:

  • JEHO Orphange
  • Sud Academy for Refugees
  • Kajiado Seventh Day Adventis Rescue and Rehabilitation Center
  • Bofa Village Community









"Stimulating minds through artistic expression."