Trinidad & Tobago Programs

Trinidad & Tobago Programs


Young Actor's Workshop


The young actors' workshop covers acting for stage and screen techniques. Ms. Penelopse Spencer has been teaching with us from inception and continues to do so every year. The course runs for twelve weeks at a time and culminates in a staged thematic performance.





Reach the Unreachable started in Trinidad by way of a partnership with Fraemsync in 2017. Together they host a bootcamp video project to raise the awareness of Child Rights among it's participants. Like all our outreach programs we challenge literacy skills and artistic expressions while working toward a final thematic profduct.






How it all Started...


Necessary Arts School officially opened its doors on February 15th 2002, offering twelve-week workshops through an after school and Saturday arts program with the objective of offering participants an opportunity to creatively address social issues that may not be addressed at home or in the school.


The workshops included: theatre arts, basic video production,steel pan, Caribbean dance, voice, airbrush techniques, literacy for the arts, leadership development, body percussion, envirodécor, and movement express.


At the end of the cycle, all participants performed a thematic presentation to showcase their progress. Through performance, the participants were able to develop self-confidence, discipline, trust and positive self- esteem.


In 2004, the Necessary Arts Theatre Company (NATCO) began by providing training, showcasing and job opportunities for each of its members. By the end of a successful three-year cycle, participants were prepared to enter the theatrical, television, and advertising industry.


Also in 2004, Necessary Arts Productions Ltd. started the Children’s Theatre Company (CTC) to nurture the talent of its members to enter the entertainment industry in Trinidad & Tobago. Participants engaged in theatre and screen acting workshops.


The Entertainment Theatre Company (ETC) began its operation as the main source of revenue for Necessary Arts Productions Ltd. allowing students to work as statues, mimes, storytellers and dancers for varied promotional events.


Additionally, through Necessary Stage, a monthly showcase of performances and visual arts, actors presented to a small audience of industry professionals for critical feedback thereby providing an opportunity to improve their talents



"Stimulating minds through artistic expression."