My first acting class was at Necessary Arts when I was 7 years old. They taught and challenged me to lose my inhibitions. It truly was magical to train there and so inspiring learning from two wonderful women, Naima Thompson and Penelope Spencer. I remember their strength as leaders and their determination, passion, patience, and commitment to us as students. I would go to classes beaming ready to act and dance for my life. The sessions were fun but also mentally and physically challenging.


I remember the first time attending a Hip hop dance class, taught by Atiba Selman. I was the only child there among some of his crew. Naima completely threw me in the deep end, when she urged me to join in, follow and keep up! I must admit I loved the challenge. As I danced and did my best to follow and keep in time, I have a vision of her standing on the sides, on top of either a chair or sofa, yelling words of encouragement and excitedly cheering me on. It was awesome and exhilarating. After that experience, I always wanted to take class. Naima and Penny always created a safe space for students to develop and grow in such a lovely and fun environment.


Performing in the shows was the best! We performed at the Little Carib Theatre and also at the Central Bank Auditorium. I’m really grateful for my time at Necessary Arts. I cherish and take the qualities of determination, passion and commitment that they taught us.


Since then, I attended The Sylvia Young Theatre School in London for 5 years. While I was at school, I did various shows, performances and cabarets. I also got to perform as my dream role, Young Simba, in The Lion King on the West End, for a year. Currently, I work as an actor, dancer, assistant choreographer and choreographer for various recording artists and TV shows. I recently played the role of Graffiti Pete, in the London Production of Lin Manuel Miranda’s musical, ‘In The Heights’. Additionally, I'm writing and recording my own music. I also teach dance classes at various colleges and studios weekly. I continue to train by taking workshops and classes in singing, acting and dancing.


I’m really grateful for the role that Necessary Arts played in my early development.





"Stimulating minds through artistic expression."