Reach the Unreachable

Bofa Village, Kilifi, Kenya

Friday, 26 April 2019

Ray and Allyson arrived at Tulia the site of our Outreach Programme. This is a special place as it has accommodated the Outreach Programme from its inception.

They were welcomed by Furaha who facilitates the ongoing weekly programme with the group. Time was spent in a planning meeting where they looked at the daily activities over the next (3) days and formulated a detailed plan that would ensure the expected outcomes.

The reminder of the day was spent in obtaining provisions for beverages, snack and lunch, equipment for the workshop area such as tables and chairs and materials to deliver the workshop.

It has been tradition that this workshop ends with a special lunch for group, to that end, a meeting was held with Answai to discuss the menu.

It was a great day of planning and they are looking forward to the start of the Workshop.